360º savings

Watsy offers ideal solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses that are looking both inside and out of the company for savings when making domestic and international phone calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Watsy is calling everyone at all special rates other Watsy users (Phone and app), offsite divisions, employee mobile phones, and from one office to another, free.

Reception on the go

Watsy lets you receive your phone calls, even while abroad, by activating a Geographic Telephone Number so you can have a landline in the office and on the move.

The VoIP Geographic Telephone Number can be activated by phone and on the app with the area code of the zone where the company is located.

No installation

The Watsy app and Watsy Phone are solutions that are simple, and easy to use and integrate into a company. There is no need for installation and they guarantee a good quality of phone calls without having to wait for activation.

These two products meet a company’s wireless needs with the Watsy App and its office needs with Watsy Phone.

More Watsy in one

Watsy lets you link an account plus Watsy Phone and the Watsy app, and share a phone account without sacrificing free calls to each other with a 555 - ### - ### number.

With the same Username and Password, you can access your Personal Account online to check your call details and manage your shared account.

The VoIP tailored to your business

With Watsy, VoIP grows and evolves upon the request of each individual company. The scalability of the offer makes Watsy the perfect support for company telephone systems, guaranteeing the right savings for any enterprise.

Ideal for small businesses with offsite divisions, stores, medium-sized businesses but also for professionals, offices and for anyone who is looking for a solution that is built around their needs.