The company

WatsON is an Information Technology company dedicated to the implementation of information systems and telecommunications on-line and off-line, B2B and B2C solutions for private and public organizations able to support their management strategies and business.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field and part of a business group established in a number of years of work we have created custom solutions for dozens of companies helping them to maximize and expand their business by deploying expertise, people and values.

Thanks to innovative business processes, proprietary infrastructure and a network of specialized partners of international relevance Watson is able to respond promptly to any communication need and to always be close to the needs of its customers. With Watson any company can invest without worrying about their future and focus on their productivity benefiting from: - An efficient customer service that takes care of managing with courtesy, competence and timeliness of all the needs of the client, the first commercial approaches all'assurance and quality control of the services provided.
- A Network Operation Center efficiently able to guarantee the functionality of all physical and logical services and equipment supplied to the customer. Our technicians perform a constant monitoring activity to prevent failures, anticipate requests for technical assistance and reduce recovery time in case of failure.